Note About Numbers

The calculation of the number of accounts, members, listings, logins, and any other similar information appearing on this website is updated approximately every 24 hours. A "member" is a user account which has been logged in within approximately 2 years, has an available profile, and has an active email account. A member is considered "online" if they have logged in within approximately the last four hours. The calculations made are approximations and should not be relied upon in making membership or payment decisions.

Member profiles, and the information contained therein, are provided solely by third-parties and we are not responsible for the accuracy of such information, the representations made therein and/or the intentions of those who become members or use the site. As further provided in by our Terms of Use, and pursuant to the Communications Decency Act of 1996 (47 U.S.C section 230, et seq.), we reserve the right to remove any account and/or any message sent by any account holder, allegedly containing deceptive, defamatory, illegal and/or commercial information or data ("deceptive account") as we become aware of it. Deceptive accounts (until their deletion) may be included in the aforementioned calculation. From time to time models who are not site members or expired member profiles are used in external advertising of our sites and thus you should not rely upon the availability of any particular person(s) as being a member of our site in making any membership or payment decisions.

For more information, please review our Terms of Use.